Botanical painting near Taunton

The botanical art classes near Taunton are now under way. We concentrated for the first few weeks on drawing - the use of graphite pencils, shape, tone, shadow and so on. So far we have looked at apples with striations, which are a fairly simple subject that lends itself to studying form, structure, light, shade, composition, pattern, texture and - for those who wanted an extra element - dissection. Then we went on to look at leaves and stems - the basic shape, different types, junctions or connections of leaf to stem, venation, edges or margins, texture, size - as well as foreshortening, angles and proportion. After that comes drawing the whole plant: stems, leaves and flowers (but no roots). This enables us to look at an overall assessment of the plant, its size, proportions, angles, growth pattern, the spaces in and around the specimen (negative space) and foreshortened shapes.

Everyone is now working on their own choice of subject and at their own pace, which makes for a very interesting class.


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